All in all, I think the majority can agree that 2020 in its entirety was a disaster. Through loved ones lost, sickness looming, financial crises and identities shattered, the veil lifted completely and the world will never be the same.

I’m that in-between, that utters a chuckle when a 2020 Twitter joke pops up on the timeline but also scalds myself right after, telling myself that absolutely nothing is funny about the world’s current state. We’re living through seemingly intransigent history and the finish line is completely invisible even into 2021. …

“Healthy love requires humans to build up each other’s backbones. You strongly identify with your intimate relationships. If you can figure out how to, claim your place in the void.”- Co-Star

So here I am, in the dark, streams of tears, face down on the bed again.

My mental state is failing me again.

The people I love don’t know or empathize with this type of pain, and so I’m alone. Again.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve heard from or seen my “inner circle” without intervention of my own. That is, what’s left of it anyway. I’m…

Pariah Muse

Poet/lyricist. Mental health advocate. Expressionist.

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