Honoring My Word

Profound thoughts are just that- profound thoughts.

I’m working on profound action. Moving in a way that makes my loved ones proud to love me too.

It is one thing to think in an upstanding manner, another to move in a way that honors that thought and profundity.

In other terms, things are easier said than done.

I’m realizing how easy it is to slip up in movement. Principle is simple to comprehend when you focus, and extremely difficult to put into action in a plethora of situations.

And you can only teach principle. The positions life puts us in will vary at all degrees. No two reactions to any one environment are ever the same.

The way we think in conjunction with how we present ourselves determines our true level of morale. I want to be unmistakable in my own righteousness, so much so that it inspires others to walk in the paths that God has paved for them without fear.

I understand that in order to inspire others I must first learn to live righteously myself.

I must stop contradicting myself by ignoring my own advice.

I have to learn to stop being so reactionary.

It is essential for me to become the example I am trying to give. I have to live by every word I deliver and be honest with myself when I can’t exactly be that example.

Because as a beautiful Black poet once said, “There’s a difference between understanding and honoring your word”, and I’m inclined to believe H.E.R.



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