‘Romance Today’

Romantic love is one of the funniest things, in one of the most seriously unfunny ways. I think that actively searching for it could potentially be a waste of time when everyone is so… impatient.

I’m an Aries. I know impatience.

But my goodness- even I understand that real love takes time, effort, and conscious work. Nothing is picture perfect just because you’re present, as in tangible. And there’s rarely a perfect match that just fits. One can love another deeply and still, compatibility can hit all time lows when the hard work is neglected.

I don’t like to speak on romantic love in my blogs because I believe there are just much more important things to discuss, (but if you are into a little love here and there, my poetry portfolio is a great place to visit. I’ll share the link at the end of this journal). Lately though, as my life has been at a decent balance, I can’t help but fall into the loveee thought pattern.

What can I say? I’m a little bored, and a lot fulfilled in self. Can you blame me?

This time is different. I’m not in a rush like the rest of the world. I don’t want the dating apps, or the immediate meet-ups. I don’t need the long facetimes, I feel no need to lay up and document my relationship for an iPhone camera. I don’t like how forced love seems today. The bold rush that everyone seems to be in to make their “love” likable is beyond me. I want love that is for me only.

I want love that chooses me every single time. That understands and loves on my flaws, because they’ll always be a part of me. I want someone that does not overlook those things that myself and others have found unbearable, rather takes their time accentuating my misgivings with a purpose; someone that makes me face my flaws and fears, because it is what would make us thrive as a unit. Because they want to see me better than even I can make myself at my best.

I need something deeper; something that 99% of the world doesn’t seem to understand.

So why is that funny yet unfunny? Because it kind of has to be laughable until I find what I’m looking for, otherwise I’ll lose my mind at the unseriousness of it all.

Until then, I need nothing at all. Nothing but myself, my fulfillment, and my own love. Anyone else’s just might drive me crazy.

(Portfolio: poetphilo.wordpress.com)



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